remington s2044 The Remington S2044 Damage Therapy Ceramic Hair Straightener with Teflon Fiber Plates

Quick Review

Price – 9/10

Results- 7/10

Versatility (how effective it is on different hair types)- 6.5/10

Product Appearance- 7.5/10

Protecting/ Maintaining Hair Health- 8/10

These irons are ideal for someone who doesn’t want to spend much on a pair of straighteners but still wishes to protect their hair from damage.


Seriously well priced, these irons heat to 410F, ideal for straightening the thickest and thinnest of hair, and even have built in Teflon fiber plates that protect the hair from split ends and dehydration.



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General Review

Considering these irons are priced for under $40, the overall quality and result created was quite impressive.
Heating to 410F, the irons were ideal for creating a straight or curly finish.

I have particularly thick, long hair but a straight look could be achieved with just one slow glide, and the same is to be said for thinner, more fragile hair.

The straighteners heat can be adjusted with a manual heat control, so thinner hair doesn’t have to be exposed to the same temperatures frizzy/thick hair would need. The irons heat up instantly to 410F (within 60 seconds) and switch off automatically after 60 minutes with out use (an LCD light indicates this).
Exclusive to Remington, the S2044 irons also boast built in damage therapy qualities, again, making these irons stand out above the rest. The ceramic plates reduce spilt ends up to 50% and ensures hair doesn’t catch or pull from the scalp. With tourmaline ions being emitted from the iron’s plates, the hair’s natural moisture is retained, preventing frizz and creating a sleeker, shinier finish.  I noticed my hair felt particularly glossy after I had straightened it with these irons, but the straightening process did take slightly longer compared to the time took when using other higher temperature irons.

With 1-inch plates, the irons are ideal for straightening hair from the root, or equally, creating soft bouncy curls. The cord is also salon length and swivels, so allows these styles to be created easily and professionally.


remington s2044 pic2 The Remington S2044 Damage Therapy Ceramic Hair Straightener with Teflon Fiber Plates

Features v Benefits


-          Optimum temperature of 410F: High temperatures that can be manually controlled for creating salon professional hair.


-          Teflon fiber ceramic tourmaline plates: Plates with technology exclusive to Remington that protect the hair from damaging under high heat.


-          Instant heating: Straighteners heat to optimum temperature within 60 seconds of being turned on.


-          Automatic shut off: Irons automatically switch off after 60 minutes of not being used.


-          Salon length swivel cord: For optimum movement whilst straightening or curling the hair.


-          Dual voltage: These irons can be used across the globe.


remington s2044 pic3 The Remington S2044 Damage Therapy Ceramic Hair Straightener with Teflon Fiber Plates

Are These Flat Hair Styling Irons For You?


If you have time to create a straight or curled finish to your hair whilst protecting it from damage, these irons are for you. With built in Technology exclusive to Remington, these irons prevent the hair from pulling or snapping, therefore creating a healthy, damage free finish. With a price tag of under $40, these irons are ideal for anyone who wants a pair of straighteners that will simply do the job that needs to be done without splashing out unnecessarily.



Good v Bad


With the S2044 irons having an optimum temperature of 410F, they are able to straighten very curly or frizzy hair. Not only this, but for those who have thin hair, the irons can be turned down to a lower more suitable heat. However, the manual controls are situated on the top of the irons, exactly where the hand rests, so it can be very easy to accidentally knock the temperature up or down.

The irons also have an instant heating system whereby they reach their optimum temperature after 60 seconds from being turned on. This is fantastic for anyone who doesn’t have much time to spend waiting around for their irons to heat up, however, this model has very often been known for ‘smoking’ whilst heating. The same applies for when the irons are used when there is product on the hair; they let off smoke. However, this has not been said to cause any damage to the hair.



Comparison Review


The Remington S2044 irons are very often compared to irons from the CHI Tourmaline range because both straighteners have built in hair protection features and tourmaline plates. The Remington model reviewed here is the much cheaper option, however, if one invests a little more money, the CHI’s are the more effective pair, with a 40F higher optimum temperature. The difference isn’t massive so for someone who wants hair that stays straight and doesn’t frizz, the S2044 model would be ideal, however the CHI’s would straighten the hair slightly faster and with more ease. The S2044 model is said to produce better quality curls than the CHI’s.


remington s2044 pic4 The Remington S2044 Damage Therapy Ceramic Hair Straightener with Teflon Fiber Plates

Frequently Asked Questions


These irons are very cheap; will they do the job as well as the more expensive irons on the market?

Yes, with an optimum temperature of 410F, these irons are able to create salon professional hairstyles.


Are these irons recommended for all hair types?

Because of the built in technology and manual temperature controls, these irons are ideal for straightening thick and thin hair, long and short. Women and men with thick and coarse hair have also commented on how effective the irons are, some going as far to say that the irons are more efficient than chemical straightening results.


Do Teflon fiber plates pull at the hair?

The Teflon fiber plates have been designed to slide through the hair without catching / creating a nasty pulling feeling at the scalp. If pulled through the hair slowly, the plates will not cause damage and will straighten the hair efficiently.



What Are Other Users Saying About the Remington S2044 Damage Therapy Ceramic Hair Straightener with Teflon Fiber Plates


Monica: It felt like day light robbery buying these straighteners; they are so cheap but the best irons I have ever used! I have quite tame hair so it is easy to straighten but I have noticed my hair is in better condition. My sister who has really curly hair also agrees; they straighten her hair perfectly!


Gracelin: These straighteners work really well for creating soft curls. The plates glide through my hair really easily and I haven’t caught or snagged the ends at all.


Kim: I think these strengtheners are great! I have spent a lot of money having my hair chemically straightened but these irons do just as good a job. I have thick curly wavy hair and these straighteners leave it looking smooth and feeling healthy.


Romeo: You will not find an iron as good as these for a price this low! These irons leave my hair straight all day, even after wearing a hat or sweating in the gym. I even live near the sea and my hair doesn’t frizz at all after being outside!


Brief Summary


The Remington S2044 Damage Therapy Irons do exactly as the title says; protects the hair from damage. With an optimum temperature of 410F, the irons are able to straighten and curl a variety of hair types whilst preventing the ends from splitting or drying out. If one has enough time to glide the irons over each section of hair slowly, these irons seem to be one of the cheapest on the market that can actually straighten the hair well.


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