Freya Straight hair Izunami 450 Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron 1 Inch   Worth A Look?

If you’re after a pair of innovative straightening irons that are renowned for impressively high temperatures and salon professional capabilities, then these are the straighteners I would recommend to you. With an optimum temperature of 450F and built in keratin features, these irons have received 100% positive feedback for their fantastic results.

Izunami 450 Tourmaline ceramic 1 inch2 Izunami 450 Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron 1 Inch   Worth A Look?

Izunami 450 Tourmaline ceramic 1 inch

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General Review

Initially I was skeptical about using the Izunami irons; I’m guessing like many of you it was not a brand I was aware of, but when I saw the ‘flash heating’ feature that heated the ceramic plates instantly and up to 450F (the same temperature you would expect to find on all salon professional models) I couldn’t wait to try them out.

After 30 seconds the irons were officially ready to use (although straight hair could easily have been created before that time arrived) and when I did come to use them, the results were utterly amazing. I have particularly thick hair, but this model straightened it so well that it even felt silky and smooth after I’d finished, even my roots were easy to manage.

Women with particularly coarse and afro Caribbean hair have even gone as far to say that these are the best irons they have used yet, even more efficient than chemical straightening! With 1-inch ceramic plates heating to 450F, the irons did not only straighten my hair, but were ideal for creating curls too; with temperatures that high, I was reassured they’d also stay in place all day.

Each plate is an inch thick, which initially made me think I would need to run the irons over my hair two or three times for maximum effect, but due to the staggering temperatures there was no need for this extra work. This I have not come across in any other irons before, so was chuffed at how little work I had to put in to create straight results. The plates glided over my hair with absolute ease, I felt no pulling or tugging at the roots and my hair was totally straight after one use.

The Izunami irons are also praised for their even heat distribution within the plates, and this was apparent when my hair was left completely kink free after being worked on. Because it only took one glide to straighten each section, I was instantly excited at the idea of my hair not being over worked, subsequently avoiding dried out and split ends.

If you do suffer with particularly weak hair, the irons don’t have to be used to full effect as there is a temperature dial that can be used to lessen the heat. Not only that, but click the dial to over 450F and the straighteners switch to a keratin treatment mode, so not only are you getting irons that straighten and curl, but irons that have hair care treatments too!

I’m pretty sure these irons cater for all needs, even the forgetful, which I found out when I had left them on for half an hour and they began to flash and bleep. In my opinion this sleep mode should be built into every product on the market!

Video Review

I found this great video review below. Here Ateya looks at the 1 inch and 1.75 inch straighteners for those with lots of really thick hair.. Please do let me what you think of it!

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Features v Benefits

-Flash heating and manually controlled temperatures up to 450F: Professional temperatures ideal for creating straight and curled hair.

-1 inch ceramic plates with continuous recovery, even heat distribution and rapid disengagement: Allowing staggering temperatures to be maintained throughout use, creating salon professional results.

-Built in keratin hair treatments: An innovative feature that provides the hair with further protection and care.

-Sleep mode: The irons automatically switch off after 30 minutes without use, and then continue to beep and flash to alert the user. To reset, just turn the power on and off to begin work again.


Are These Flat Hair Styling Irons For You?

If you’re somebody that is focused on creating beautifully healthy looking hair, and you’re always the first to try the next big thing, then these irons are a definite investment for you! With exceedingly high temperatures, built in hair treatments and traditional plates allowing salon professional finishes, these irons are ideal for the thinnest to the coarsest of hair.

Good v Bad

The irons do reach incredible temperatures very quickly so after long periods of use I can imagine the hair to weaken, however the built in treatments do allow for this to be rectified. If you are particularly worried about the damage to your hair, further products can be used including serums and protecting sprays, or the iron temperature can be lowered when you are in less of a rush and have more time to spend on your hair. The irons are also wildly recommended for use on all hair types, from thin to afro hair, however not on damp hair. Some people will presume that because of the high temperatures maintained that wet hair can be worked on, however this is not advised, for your hair and iron protection.

Comparison Review

Izunami 450 Tourmaline irons are state of the art straighteners, so are very often compared to other brands such as CHI’s. Both irons reach 450F and have hair-protecting qualities, so in that regard will appear quite similar. The Izunami irons however have had much greater positive feedback, and with keratin treatments manually controlled, the user is much more in power of maintaining the hairs natural condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have thick afro-Caribbean hair. Will these irons really be able to straighten my hair?

Yes, definitely. And as the video above shows – very easily. The irons heat up to 450F and maintain this heat throughout use, allowing the curliest, frizziest and coarsest of hair to be straightened. Some have even claimed that these straighteners are more effective than chemical straightening.

I’ve not heard about this brand before therefore I’m nervous about investing in them. Should I not stick to more renowned models? No, not necessarily. Despite being a relatively unknown brand on the market, Izunami are a brand like no other. Innovative and using the most contemporary design features, Izunami create outstanding hair products. This is a brand to invest in and to look out for in the future.

Why are these irons receiving such high-class reviews?

These irons are so popular for a variety of reasons. Not only do they heat up instantly and to professional temperatures, they maintain the heat for hours on end, create perfect results that last for hours and allow the hair to be nourished and cared for so very easily.

This model seems to have a lot of features, is it easy to use? Yes, very. Both the temperature and keratin treatment features are controlled simply; by turning a dial. The irons are activated with an on/off switch and to create straightened effects the irons only needed to be pulled over the hair once.

What Are Other Users Saying About the Izunami 450 Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron 1 Inch?

Ateya- “My initial reaction to the Izunami 450 Tourmaline Irons was ‘Wow!’ I watched a professional stylist straighten a clients hair and the effects were instant. One stroke and the hair was perfectly straight. I bought a pair immediately.”

M.McClellan- “I have very frizzy and coarse hair and have struggled to find a pair of straighteners that work for me. I then tried the Izunami 450 and I was astounded at the results! For the first time ever I found a pair of straighteners that not only manage to straighten my hair, but leave it feeling silky and smooth!”

J Taylor- “Because I have short hair I was worried the Izunami 1 inch model would be too big and bulky to use on my hair, but I have to say, it’s perfect! I can get the irons right to my root, and because of the plate size it’s also ideal to curl my hair too. I would highly recommend these irons for their results and price.”

Brief Summary

These irons heat to salon professional temperatures that are maintained for hours on end. With ceramic plates that distribute the heat evenly, hair can be straightened with one glide, causing no kinks or tugging feelings to the scalp. With keratin features and a manual temperature dial, these irons are ideal for working on thick, thin or damaged hair, allowing the most fabulous results to be created. My overall conclusion; a straightener that I loved to use and had me feeling like I had really looked after my hair.

Izunami 450 Tourmaline ceramic 1 inch3 Izunami 450 Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron 1 Inch   Worth A Look?

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