ghd advanced ceramic heat styler 1inch1 300x104 The 1 Inch GHD Professional Advanced Ceramic Heat Styler   A Review Ask any stylist what straighteners they would recommend and it will be GHD everytime..! Just try it!… Ghd Professional Hair straighteners are the cream of the crop and will give you salon professional results, whatever your style, in minutes.

Price              7/10             




     Product Appearance    9/10
Hair Protection  10/10 



With Ghd hair-straighteners you can achieve a variety of hair styles with ease whatever your hair type –  from bouncing curls, flicks and twists to sleek, shiny and dead straight locks.

The contoured, ceramic plates glide through the hair giving you the style you want in minutes and the rounded barrel provides numerous styling options. This time saving device can use a range of voltages from 110v to 230v, so you can pop them in your suitcase and use their expert tongs anywhere in the world.

Ghd straighteners are great at gently smoothing even the most unruly hair, adding gloss and shine. The advanced ceramic plates seal the hair cuticle and provide the optimum surface for static free hair – so you should avoid hairshocks.

The temperature control allows you to adjust the heat to whatever level of heat flow you feel your hair needs.

The inclusion of an automatic switch off after 30 minutes means there’s no need to worry that you have left the appliance switched on.

ghd advanced ceramic heat styler 1inch 3 300x300 The 1 Inch GHD Professional Advanced Ceramic Heat Styler   A Review

Good Vs Bad

Bad. There are numerous companies making counterfeit products so you will need to be vigilant when making a purchase. You can check on-line stores are genuine at

Note: is a genuine supplier whereas is not..!

 The Ghd website will give you advice on what to look for in a genuine product. Once you have made your purchase it is advisable to register it straight away.


Plate temperature control uses highly sophisticated systems to ensure heat to your hair is evenly distributed which means the job gets quicker, with far less effort and to a higher quality.


GHD Vs the Chi by Farouk

The GHD is basically quicker and better than the Chi:

  • The GHD heats up in about 15 to 30 seconds whereas the Chi takes around 2 minutes.


  • The GHD controls the heat to the plates so it remains at the same high temperature whilst in contact with your hair. This means you only need one stroke to completely straighten or curl your hair.  The CHIs on the other hand tend to cool down as you pull them through your hair, so the ends tend to need more strokes of the straightener. So, in comparison the GHD is definately quicker.


  • Unlike GHDs,  CHIs are more prone to singeing the hair. This might be because the plate temperature seems to fluctuate more than the GHDs.. i.e they get cold during movement through the hair, heat up and overheat slightly before the next stroke through your hair..You also end up doing more strokes over your hair as the ends need repeat strokes, whereas the roots get over heated and damaged.


  • The Chi is somewhat notorious for being less sturdy and often lasting only a year or so. If you do opt for a Chi model be sure to treat it carefully and in- particular be careful of the cord which some report as being damaged when continually twisted.


  • Users often report that the GHD just leaves you with flatter, softer hair after being straightened or curled in comparison with the Chi. This is a subtle difference but one many users report and is probably due to the way the GHD controls the plate temperature so well.


  • Unlike the Chi, the GHD has the automatic turn-off feature. This saves you worrying about burning your house down should you leave if on before going to school or work!


  • Compared to the GHD which is such an all rounder the Chi is considered by most to be an inferior product If you want a product which will last and provide super quality straightenering i’d  stick with Ghd.


  • Big downside of the GHD over the Chi is the price..! Its around $50 more expensive than the Chi… but just consider how much time you will save each day straightening, the quality of your hair look and the difference in their reliability…

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Here is a AdoreDiorOx’s comparison of the GHD with the CHI


Who should buy this product?

Ghd hair straighteners are a top end product and are not cheap! However they are a worthwhile investment if you straighten your hair very frequently (i.e. every day) as this device will save you hundreds of hours over a year and is sturdy enough to serve you for many years to come. The speed with which you can create your style and the added bonus of an automatic switch off makes this product perfect for woman with very little free time on her hands  –  Busy mums and career girls, this is most definitely the product for you.

ghd advanced ceramic heat styler 1inch 2 300x300 The 1 Inch GHD Professional Advanced Ceramic Heat Styler   A Review

Q and As

Q. My hair is so thick that I can barely get a comb through it, would this product work on my hair type?”

A. Yes, the smooth ceramic plates will have no problems straightening your hair and leaving it wonderfully glossy.


Q. My 10 year old has very curly hair that she desperately wants to straighten but I am worried that she will burn herself, is this possible?”

A. Ghd hair straighteners are relatively cool to the touch and because the ceramic plates are contoured it is near impossible to burn yourself.


Q. I have been considering buying a set of Ghd hair straighteners but they are quite expensive compared to other models and I’m worried that they may not last that long.

A. With a Ghd product you can expect to spend a little more than you would for many of the inferior products on the market but because of their exceptionally high quality they will give you the results you want a lot quicker than other models available and are also guaranteed for a full 2 years.


What Others Are Saying….

  • Jujube from USA say “Worth every penny
  • M.Au from New York says “Recommended to anyone wanting a top quality straightener and styler in one
  • Cat Tien from Orange, CA says “My thick, wavy hair was dead straight within 5 minutes, it usually takes 20 minutes or more with inferior products
cartbuttons2 222 The 1 Inch GHD Professional Advanced Ceramic Heat Styler   A Review
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