Price         9.5/10

Results      7.5/10

Versatility   /     how effective it is on different hair types     7.5/10

Product Appearance      7.5/10

Protecting  /    Maintaining Hair Health       5/10

The Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Wet-Dry Straightener is an iron that dries, straightens and cares for hair like no other. With built in wet to dry technology, the irons heating to their optimum temperature within 30 seconds of being turned on and technology that boasts 30 different heat settings, these straighteners are really quite brilliant.


conair hair straighteners  Review of the Conair S3CS Instant Heat Ceramic Wet Dry Straightener, Black/Red, 2 Inch

the Conair S3CS Instant Heat Ceramic Wet-Dry Straightener, Black/Red, 2 Inch


cartbuttons2 22  Review of the Conair S3CS Instant Heat Ceramic Wet Dry Straightener, Black/Red, 2 Inch


General Review

The main selling point for this iron has to be the wet to dry technology that allows hair to be styled whilst wet or damp. In a society whereby people are forever on the move and in a rush, these irons are quite the catch, for many people do not have the time to blow dry and straighten their hair each morning. Saying this, the dryer my hair was before straightening, the better the result, but with patience and more/slower glides, straighter hair could be created successfully with these irons whilst my hair was wet. All one has to do is click the iron onto the ‘Wet’ option, and begin straightening. To revert back to normal straightening conditions, just click the ‘Wet’ button again.


With 30 heat settings, these irons are also ideal for use on many a hair types. When used on settings between 25 and 30, thick, curly and coarse hair can be left beautifully straightened, and when used on lower temperatures, the same can be said for thinner hair types. The irons heat up to their optimum temperature within 30 seconds of being turned on, and after a prolonged period without use, they automatically shut off.


The ceramic omega curved plates with ionic qualities aid the creation of beautiful hair and protect it from damage at the same time. The curves at the edge of each plate allow the ends of the hair to be flipped or curled under, creating styles that are both soft and feminine to look at. Not only is this great for creating classically virginal looks, but perfect for modernizing a standard, high or side ponytail. The technology used also maintains the hair from drying out; the hair’s natural moisture is retained.


With a professional length swivel cord these straighteners are also easy to use, although slightly heavy on the arm due to the larger size. These irons boast 2-inch plates, so although this makes them weighty, they can be used on larger sections of hair to create straight finishes faster. The plate size though sadly does not lend itself to curling the hair in small ringlets.


Check out Annette in the video below. See her using the Conair 2″ Wt-Dry Straightener… some nice music to listen to as you watch her!


Key Benefits Of the Conair S3CS


-      Wet to dry technology: Allows the hair to be straightened whilst it’s wet.

-      30 heat settings: Ideal for finding the right temperature for your specific hair styling needs.

-      Ceramic 2 inch omega curved plates: Plates that are larger than standard plates, ideal for decreasing styling time, and curved to allow beautiful finishes to be created.

-     Automatic shut off: Irons automatically switch off after a period of no use.

-      Swivel cord: Allows hair to be curled and the irons to be stored without the cord tangling.


conair hair straighteners 2  Review of the Conair S3CS Instant Heat Ceramic Wet Dry Straightener, Black/Red, 2 Inch

Are These Flat Hair Styling Irons For You?


If you’re someone that doesn’t have the patience or skills to blow-dry your hair beautifully, then these irons could be for you. With technology that allows the irons to be used on wet hair, one no longer needs to worry about drying it before use. Although this takes slightly longer than straightening whilst your hair is dry, it is easier than blow drying and then straightening. The irons are also very well priced, and boast plates that are 2 inches wide and curved at the edges, so they would be ideal for anyone who wants to straighten their hair brilliantly, with a slightly different look when finished.


The good & bad points to consider

These irons are commended for their ability to straighten hair whilst wet, however it does take longer than straightening hair whilst dry. More glides are needed over the hair, and because of the size and weight of the straighteners, it can lead to aches in the arms and wrists. If one chooses to straighten the hair whilst wet, they should avoid contact with the steam that releases from the irons too, for it can be very very hot and can cause nasty burns.


A comparison of the Conair with close rival products.

This iron’s main selling point is its ability to straighten hair whilst wet, but it does require more than one glide down the hair to achieve a dry and straightened look. If you are specifically looking for an iron that straightens from wet to dry almost instantly the most probably the Remington Wet To Straight is the preferred option. However, the Conair product is the cheaper option that does the job well, just more time and patience is required.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Is it okay to use these irons when my hair is really wet, or does it have to be damp?

You can use these irons when your hair is wet, although the dryer your hair is, the faster it will be to straighten.


Is it normal for my hair to smoke when I straighten it wet?

You may notice a hissing sound or smoke rising from the irons when straightening the hair. This is perfectly normal. When the irons are set to the ‘Wet’ option, the irons simply channel the moisture away from the hair and out of the straighteners as steam. Be careful though, this steam can be very hot.


Will straightening my hair whilst wet damage it?

Some professionals will say that it is not good to straighten your hair repeatedly whilst wet as it will dry it out unnaturally, although Conair explains that the technology used within these irons is designed to retain the hair’s natural moisture as it dries the wetness away. If one is seriously worried about the condition of their hair, hydration products are available on the market.


Does my hair have to be wet to use these straighteners?


No, you can use these straighteners on dry hair too. There are different heat settings available, for dry and wet hair, so you just chose which is right for you and then set to work.


What are other users saying about the Conair S3CS Instant Heat Ceramic Wet-Dry Straightener, Black/Red, 2 Inch


Hollie: I love this straightener; the way it looks, how it straightens my hair and the curved plates it boasts. I have very thick hair and straighten it most days, but it looks healthy and the straighteners give it quite a lift. I prefer these to any Chi’s I have used.


J.Goris: “I love the way these irons allow me to create a different finish to the ends of my hair. These irons are great to use on my hair before it’s fully dry too.


Sarah: “These irons straighten my hair beautifully and stop it from frizzing, whether I’m on holiday and it’s 90’ plus, or at work in a fully air conditioned office! My hair looks smooth, healthy and shiny when I use these irons.”


Marcia: “This iron creates the most perfect results on my hair, and leaves no crimp lines! I would definitely recommend this product!”



cartbuttons2 221  Review of the Conair S3CS Instant Heat Ceramic Wet Dry Straightener, Black/Red, 2 Inch

Brief Summary


These irons offer advanced technology that allows hair to be straightened whilst wet. 30 heat settings appeal to a wide audience (whether one has very thick hair or one has very thin hair) and 2-inch ceramic plates decrease the styling time whilst still creating a beautiful finish. Overall, a well priced pair of irons that will allow you to work on your hair without necessarily having to blow dry it first.



Price – 9.5/10

Results- 7.5/10

Versatility (how effective it is on different hair types)- 7.5/10

Product Appearance- 7.5/10

Protecting/ Maintaining Hair Health- 5/10

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